The Crystal Tiger Casino In Primorye Is Off To A Good Start

We cannot yet say that the Cristal en Primorye casino is a success, with only a few weeks of opening, but what is certain is that the casino has successfully launched during the opening.

As a reminder, it is the first establishment in this area of ​​Primorye in Russia and benefits from a monopoly which will last until 2017. We were already telling you at the beginning of the year that Russia wanted to become a leader in games of money , then a few weeks ago the launch of the new Russian casino Crystal Tiger . Here is additional information after the investigation of our team!

A launch that already announces the color

The first visitors to the Le Tigre de Cristal casino were well received within the establishment. Yet the opening has already been postponed several times, since 2014. This time the bet is successful. Indeed, the opening was postponed 5 times in a row before the 6th date was the right one. During this launch, the casino expected personalities of all kinds, including figures from politics and industry.

They were greeted as a VIP. But the crowds did not stop at the VIP stadium. Indeed, customers then invaded the casino during the first hours. According to figures from the establishment, 9,000 people have already taken possession of membership cards. It must be said that this official opening was indeed satisfactory for Le Tigre de Cristal.

A new goal to be achieved soon

It is only the launch, but the hardest part remains which is to last on the market. To satisfy its customers, the casino has 769 slot machines and 67 gaming tables , 25 of them for VIPs. But the establishment’s products are not limited to games. Visitors can also enjoy a 121-room hotel, a spa area and two restaurants.

However, Lawrence Ho still has one goal in mind, which is to finalize his project. Thus in 2018, players and tourists will be able to enjoy new structures such as shops, restaurants in addition, hotels and play areas in addition to other activities.

The Crystal Tiger is ahead

For the moment, the casino Le Tigre de Cristal can still rejoice, because its competitors will not settle there before the end of the year 2017. Indeed, during these 2 years Lawrence Ho and his team will be able to acquire a large part Steps. According to the sources, 3 competing casinos will be built there soon, but will not open until 2017.

The groups that will invest in it will be Nagacorp, Diamond Fortune and Royal Time Group. According to the authorities in 2022 the area will be fully operational. It should be noted that currently the Crystal Tiger is the most important establishment in Russia, particularly by its size. It is the result of a cooperation between Lawrence Ho through G1 Entertainment, Firich Entertainment and a few other Russian companies.

In Russia, land-based casinos are quite regulated and only 6 zones are authorized to accommodate them.