Mers-Les-Bains Casino 7 Renews Its Machines

Mers-les-Bains Casino 7 opened a year ago. Desire to maintain its activities requires, the establishment carried out a facelift for certain slot machines and a renewal for others. This is a first for the casino and the managers hope this project will maintain and attract customers.

A casino that has progressed since its opening

It is a year ago that the casino of Mers-les-Bains opened its doors for the time. The director of the establishment said in his remarks that he was satisfied with the progress made so far. He also added, showing his satisfaction, that during the summer major jackpots were won. It must be said that Casino 7 is a very welcoming place.

To attract visitors, the choice was made on a decor of Paris 1900. In its casino, it currently has 60 slot machines. It also has a blackjack table and a Boule 2000 table. It is a place of entertainment. Besides that, there is also a bowling alley and a brasserie which plunges into an Anglo-Saxon universe, called Au Bureau.

It must be said that land-based sg live casino must have a spirit of inventiveness, because with the crisis the customers have significantly decreased. Just as online casinos are beginning to invest more and more in the market, this is one more reason to deploy the means necessary to be able to survive. In any case, this is what Mers-les-Bains Casino 7 is doing with the implementation of these new slot machines.

A replacement that went well

The replacement of the slot machines was carried out very recently, on October 7th and 9th. Director Sébatien Guivarch said that since the opening of the casino, this is the first time that his team has carried out such an operation. However, the bet was successful. The team made every effort to complete the installations before the opening.

There was also the renewal of some of the machines, while for others it was a question of installing new universes. The manager insisted that for the casino it was a way to renew the offer for its customers. He also clarified that the casino has lowered the denomination. The value of the coins thus increased to 0.01 centime . From now on, its customers and the curious will be able to enjoy the 62 slot machines available in the casino.

For the manager, this “mix”, as it is called in casino jargon, is an essential step in order to be able to maintain stability. He adds that there is no specific period to achieve it, however it is done fairly regularly.