Art and Communication Cultures Award


The aim of this initiative is to identify and give recognition to a person of high standing and rank in the art and communications fields who stand out in exploring and going through the mutual incursions of these two areas of creativity.

2014 edition. The award was given to Flavio Lucchini, for the following reasons: “He is an artist but also an art director and a figure who had a strong impact in the world of publishing, graphics, art and culture, thanks to the dynamism of a uniquely expressive and communicative language. He promoted Italian fashion and design all around the world he is considered the ‘true’ inventor of ‘Made in Italy.”

2013 edition. The award was given to architect and designer Fabio Novembre, for the following reasons: ‘Charismatic, versatile, unpredictable, and internationally renowned as a designer. Imaginative and innovator, he is today one of the leading figures of the “Made in Italy” design. Thanks to his sensitivity, he is able to interpret the trends and tastes of today’s society by always creating objects, spaces and styles intended to amaze everyone.’

2012 edition. The award was given to Ugo Nespolo, painter and sculptor of international stature who combines figurative art with other forms of expression such as cinema, theatre, literature and communication.